How do I know what my flowers will look like on the day?

Every wedding is different, and thanks to the seasonal changes in flowers, no two bouquets are ever exactly the same. We do however provide all our couples with a personaslied ‘Wedding Design brief” document so you have a visual reference of what your flowers will be like. 

Once your date is locked in, we work closely with you to define your style, colours and preferred flower types. We also encourage you to send through photos of bouquet you love and any other style details about your day (things like bridesmaid dresses and wedding stationary colours are all very helpful when designing your wedding flowers). We will then use all this detail to create your “Wedding Design Brief”, which contains flower suggestions, mood boards and a run-sheet, so you have a complete visual guide of your wedding flowers. 

Can I make changes to a package?

You are more than welcome to add items to any package. However we cannot make design changes to any of our packages.  

What type of flowers will I get in my bouquet and arrangements?

All of our packages are based on florists choice of only the best quality seasonal flowers to match your wedding style, and in your choice of colours. As a result, we cannot guarantee what type of flowers will be included in your final designs. We are dealing with nature, which can be very unpredictable, and we would hate to promise a specific flower and then not be able to deliver due to seasonal changes. We do however include a list of suitable seasonal flowers in your “Wedding Design Brief” and we encourage you to let us know if there are any particular flowers that you love so we can do our best to include them, and any that you dislike so we can avoid using them in your arrangements.

You can also view a list of seasonal flowers here to get an idea on what will be in season at your wedding. 

I’m not sure what style will suit my dress best. Can you help?

Absolutely. Your outfit will play an important part in  selecting the perfect bouquet or buttonhole. For example, if you are wearing a gown with a lot of detail such as lace, we suggest going with something simple with a small amount of texture, so as not to detract from your dress. If you need any help or advice in this area, please get in contact via email

Can I pick up my flowers?

Of course. This is a great way to save money for your wedding. Our studio is located in Leichhardt (in Sydney’s inner west). We have a set pick up time each weekend (usually 8am, but we will confirm this closer to your wedding date). We will also advise on how much space you will need in your vehicle and how to take care of your flowers until the wedding commences.

How hard is it to install the ceremony floral sprays to my wedding arch?

It’s very simple! Just a few zip ties to secure the arrangement and you’re all done. We will supply you with a detailed information sheet plus the right amount of zip ties. Depending on where you are attaching the floral sprays, you many need a step ladder to safely reach. We recommend a second person to assist with holding flowers and securing. 

Do you have a minimum spend?

Yes, we do have a minimum spend. They are; $185 for bridal party, $150 for ceremony and $200 for receptions. These amounts do not include delivery and set up.

How do I book in my wedding date?

A 30% booking fee is required to lock in your wedding date. No wedding date is secure until this booking fee is received. Your quote is valid for 10 business days/2 weeks from the date of issue. After this time, your wedding date will be released to the next waiting couple. 

Do you come back and pack up at the end of the night?

Unfortunately not. All our packages are designed so that you and your guests can take home the flowers at the end of the night and continue to enjoy them. 

Can I meet with you before booking?

Our process is designed to suit busy and time savvy couples, so we don’t offer face-to-face consultations at this stage. We do however have phone consultations available every Monday + Tuesday between 12pm – 2pm, and 4pm-5.30pm. If you would like to chat about your wedding plans, please email us at to book in a time.

We know how busy life can be, especially while trying to plan a wedding, so we can also organise your entire wedding via email, at your own pace. 

Can I change my mind? What if my guest numbers change?

Yes, of course. Changes can be made up to one month prior to your wedding. After this time, we ask that no more changes are made to your order, as we are busy securing flowers and locking in orders with our growers. Please also keep in mind that once a booking is secured, the quoted amount cannot decrease. If you are unsure about a package type or final guest numbers, we always recommend you book in lower numbers or a less expensive package in the first instance, and then upgrade these closer to your date. You can find our full terms and conditions here.